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Local Artists and Photographers: Exhibit Your Work

We are always looking for new and exciting local artists and photographers to exhibit at Sixth and Main Coffeehouse.

You can choose simply to have your work displayed, or we'll be happy to host an artist showcase to kick off your exhibit.

If you would like to schedule a time to display your work, just contact us at info@6amcoffee.com to start the process and find an available date to begin your exhibit.

Displaying Your Work

We typically have artist showcases on Saturdays, at a time that works best for you. We will advertise your event on our website, facebook page and in-store event board. However, we have found that artists who have the most successful showcases are the ones who get the word out to family, friends and social media followers to stop in during their showcase and see their work.

Most exhibits last for 60 to 90 days. We will arrange a time for you to come in to hang and arrange your work on the day prior to the beginning of your exhibit.

We require that displayed works be in frames or on stretched canvases, with either a hook or wire on the back. Sixth and Main does have a ladder to help you in arranging your work, and a flexible hanging system in place. We request that you do NOT use brads, picture hangers or adhesives on our walls.

When curating your exhibit, keep in mind that in a small store like ours, sometimes less is better. We can offer suggestions or recommendations on your presentation, but we truly feel that only you can best represent your work in a way that will capture the customers' eye. We encourage you to visit the Coffeehouse prior to your event to review the display space and determine the best arrangement for your artwork.

Please note that we are a public space, and the public will come in contact with your artwork. Pieces do occasionally fall, or get knocked over by toddlers, or blown off the wall after an exhuberant door-opening. We can't be responsible for loss due to customers, weather, etc, and don't recommend that you display priceless or irreplaceable works.

Selling Your Work

Most artists offer their work for sale, and we do regularly sell pieces by exhibiting artists.

During your artist showcase, we encourage you to bring your own stock of prints and work to sign and sell directly to attendees. We're happy to have a crowd buying our coffee and other merchandise, and we'd rather you handle (and profit from) your art during the event.

For the rest of your exhibit, (or if we process the sale on the day of the exhibit), you will net 70% of the sales price of pieces. We recommend that you price your work accordingly.

We typically process artists' payments quarterly.

Branding: We recommend that you prepare an 8x10(ish) page describing you as an artist, your vision or focus, possibly your local ties, and the best ways to contact you.

Sections for displaying art: