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Information for Authors


If you'd like to schedule an event for your work, just contact us at info@6amcoffee.com to start the process and find an available date. You are also encouraged to drop off a review copy of your book--with a business card or other contact information--during regular business hours.

At signings and readings, we encourage you to bring your own stock of books to sign and sell directly to attendees. We're happy to have a crowd buying our coffee and other merchandise, and we'd rather you handle (and profit from) your book during the event.

We typically draw from 5 to 30 people for a reading, and the crowd depends somewhat on how much marketing of the event you do as the author. We recommend bringing 10-20 copies of your book to sign and sell.

Regular Sales

We sell new and used books, and we work hard to carry as many local authors as possible. We're happy to work with you for the most profitable way to carry your book in our inventory. There are a few options...

1. We buy from our distributor

If your book is available through Ingram, just email us the ISBN and some information about your local ties, and we'll plan to order and carry the book like our other stock. Send this email to info@6amcoffee.com.

This is often the best option if you published through a large traditional publisher and can also be possible if you used a major print-on-demand company like Lulu, Xlibris, etc.

Benefits to you:

  • least work
  • no cost
  • no follow-up required
  • best tracking of sales volume


  • sometimes lower profit for authors
  • decreased shelf space and attention
  • if print-on-demand, turnaround times are usually 10 days or more
  • payment will come from your publisher, on their schedule, dependant on a complex relationship between your printer/publisher and the distributor

2. We buy directly from you. We pay 60% of retail sales price for new stock, on invoice/delivery. You can set the wholesale price wherever you want, keeping in mind that it affects the sale price, and therefore will influence demand. We'll buy and stock between 1 and 10 copies (depending on our anticipation of demand). The books become our property and responsibility, so we're on the hook for loss or damage, and we control the sales price.

Benefits to you:

  • you get paid up front
  • there's no ongoing responsibilities
  • it might help you meet printing volume for discounts from your printer/publisher


  • up-front costs for printing
  • possibly lower profit
  • possibly lower sales volume
  • you might need to prompt us to reorder/restock

We're happy to work with you to find the best fit. If you're not sure, then directly selling us a copy or two is probably the simplest way to get your book in front of our customers.

No matter how you'd like us to stock your book, start the process by emailing Pen at pen@6amcoffee.com, or drop off a review copy with contact information during regular business hours.